Links About Diversworldwide

This website, Diversworldwide.com is part of the Diversworldwide.com. Ltd company. Diversworldwide.com was founded in the year 2000, bringing the diving industry into the 21st century with its own on line global community.

The potential of this site has been recognised by the Commercial Diving Industry leading to its being enthusiastically and gratefully received. Enormous interest was shown throughout the planning and designing period. This was quantified by the amount of people visiting the holding page and through personal assurances given to the director by professional acquaintances, friends and organisations.

The site not only hopes to fulfil an unmet need in the industry but also by embracing modern technology to provide a service that was hitherto not even dreamed possible. The director has undertaken to continually improve and develop the site sensitive to feedback from users over time as Diversworldwide.com grows.