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Our aim at diversworldwide.com, is to provide an online section for Inspection Personnel, to aid and help in their day to day activities. As you may have found in the past, it's not unusual that an item of inspection equipment is missing it's instruction manual. Maybe you would like to refresh your knowledge, on a particular NDT technique.

We hope you find these various sections helpful.

Should you wish to include and have displayed, any Inspection related material that you think would be of help to others. Please email to, ndt@diversworldwide.com. Your name or company name, if requested, will be added to the item description.

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CSWIP 3.3u & 3.4u Course Notes (2002)
2002 - CSWIP 3.3u and 3.4u Course Notes
Chapter 01 - Introduction To Inspection
Chapter 02 - Stress In The Offshore Environment.
Chapter 03 - Structures And Equipment Used Offshore
Chapter 04 - Marine Growth
Chapter 05 - Deterioration Of An Offshore Structure
Chapter 06 - Inspection Of Concrete Structures
Chapter 07 - Welding Process
Chapter 08 - Damage And Damage Survey
Chapter 09 - The Importance Of Documentation
Chapter 10 - The Operators Inspection Program
Chapter 11 - Written And Verbal Reporting
Chapter 12 - Recording Methods Used In Water
Chapter 13 - Photography
Chapter 14 - Structural Marking And Size Reference
Chapter 15 - Video Inspection
Chapter 16 - Corrosion
Chapter 17 - Ultrasonic Digital Thickness Meter
Chapter 18 - Magnetic Particle Inspection
Chapter 19 - Ultrasonic Inspection Using A Scan
Chapter 20 - Grinding Of Defects And Prophiling Welds
Chapter 21 - Radiography
Chapter 22 - Flooded Membrane Detection
Chapter 23 - Electro Magnetic Detection Techniques
Chapter 24 - Alternating Current Potential Drop
Chapter 25 - Alternating Current Field Measurement
Chapter 26 - Stress Relief
Chapter 27 - Technical Drawing And Their Use
Chapter 28 - Quality Assurance
Chapter 29 - Ensuring Methodical Approuch
Chapter 30 - Reports Daily Updates And Telex
Chapter 31 - Communications
Chapter 32 - Aural Examination Of An Object
Chapter 33 - Engineering Description Of An Object
Chapter 34 - Intervention Techniques
Chapter 35 - Abilities Of Rov Submersibles
Chapter 36 - Hydrodynamic Forces And Vehicles
Chapter 37 - Pipelines And Pipeline Features
Chapter 38 - Fpso
Chapter 39 - Rov Classification
Chapter 40 - Personnel Responsiblities

CSWIP 3.4u (Typical) Inspection Course Revision Notes
Chapters 1 to 10

CSWIP 3.4u (Typical) Questions you could be asked?
1. Multi Choice Questions
2. Sections a, B & C Questions

CSWIP 3.4u (Typical) Revision Q & A
1. Concrete
2. Corrosion
3. General
4. Marine Life
5. MPI
6. Other Inspection Methods
7. Photography
7. Ultrasonics
9. Weld Inspection

CSWIP 3.4u Course Notes (2006)
1. TWI 3.4u course notes

CSWIP Certification Scheme for Welding and Inspection Personnel
1. 3.3u & 3.4u Requirements for the Certification of ROV Inspectors and Underwater Inspection Controllers
2. 3.1u & 3.2u Requirements for the Certification of Underwater (Diver) Inspectors

DMAC GuideLines
Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC) guide lines.

Please note these documents are amended periodically and cannot be guaranteed as being correct at the time of accessing them on this site!

DMAC 01 (1984) - Transmission of Medical Data to Shore
DMAC 02 (1979) - In-Water Diver Monitoring
DMAC 03 (1981) - Accidents with High Pressure Water Jets
DMAC 04 (1981) - Partial Pressure of O2 in Bail-Out Bottles
DMAC 05 (1981) - Minimum Level of O2 in Helium Supplied Offshore
DMAC 06 (1981) - The Effect of Sonar Transmission on Commercial Diving Activities
DMAC 07 (2001) - Flying After Diving
DMAC 08 (1981) - Thermal Stress in Relation to Diving
DMAC 09 (1982) - Fitness to Dive after Neurological Decompression Sickness
DMAC 11 (2001) - Provision of First Aid, Training of Divers, Supervisors and Members of Dive Teams in First Aid
DMAC 12 (1979) - Diving Distance from Seismic Surveying Operations
DMAC 13 (1994) - Assessing Fitness to Return to Diving After Decompression Illness
DMAC 15 (1995) - Medical Equipment to be Held at the Site of an Offshore Diving Operation
DMAC 17 (1985) - raining & Refresher Training of Doctors involved in the Examination of Professional Divers and in the Treatment of Diving-Related Illnesses
DMAC 19 (1990) - The Effects of Water Vapour on Diver Physiology
DMAC 20 (1997) - Duration of Bell Lockouts
DMAC 21 (2006) - The Duration of Saturation Exposures and Surface Intervals following Saturations
DMAC 22 (1992) - Proximity to a Recompression Chamber After Surfacing
DMAC 23 (1993) - The Use of Heliox in Treating Decompression Illness
DMAC 24 (1993) - Differential Diagnosis
DMAC 26 (1995) - Saturation Diving Chamber Hygiene
DMAC 28 (2003) - The Provision of Emergency Medical Care for Divers in Saturation
DMAC 29 (2006) - Approval of Diving Medicine Courses

Diving Industry Personnel Competence Standards

This section is dedicated any DNv related
1. Flexible Hoses of Non-Metallic Material


Dynamic Positioning
Documents and manuals relating to Dynamic Positioning
1. Konsgberg Simrad, Introduction to Underwater Acoustics
2. Patterns for Transducer Alignment
3. Kongsberg Simrad, Operators course


Subsea Equipment Manuals and Information
1. Wachs Trav-L-Cutter Instruction Manual
2. UCS Circular Chopsaw
3. ENS Nutsplitter Instruction Manual Edition 1

Example Underwater Exam Questions
Guide Notes for Inspection Personnel
This section contains Guide notes Volumes 1 to 12
Section 1 - Guide to Ultra Sonics
Section 2 - Guide to ECI & ACFM
Section 3 - Guide to Radiography
Section 4 - Guide to FMD
Section 5 -

Manuals for different types of LP and HP hoses
1.Synflex technical and Design Information

HSE Information
1. Reprting of injuries, Diseases &
Dangerous Occurrences Regutaions
2. Safe Work in Confined Spaces
3. Getting to Grips with Manual Handling
4. Manual Handling Assessment Charts indg383

HSE Underwater Inspection Handbook
1. HSE Underwater Inspection Handbook

Hydratight Sweeney - Pipeline

Hydratight Sweeney Products
1. Operating and Maintenance Manual For Sea Serpent II Split Nut Bolt Tensioner

IMCA Diving Bell Diving Training Section
The Underwater Deep Dive and Saturation Course 2004
1. UWC Briefing for Deep Dive Part 1
2. UWC Briefing for Deep Dive Part 2
3. Bell Procedures
4. Briefing for dive 2 with 3 men
5. Briefing for dive 2
6. Briefing for dive 3
7. Briefing for dive 4
8. Briefing for dive 5

Fort William Bell Diving Course Notes 2006
1. Intro to Bell diving course FW
2. Intro to Bell diving
3. Bell Emergencies
4. Bell Physics
5. Legislation as of 2006
6. Physics level 2 for Bell course
7. Diving Medicine
8. Diving Medicine for Bell diving course
9. Gas Handling
10. Bell Decompression
11. Chamber Emergencies
12. Reclaim

Typical Bell diving exam Questions
1. Question Paper 1 of 2
2. Question Paper 2 of 2

IMCA Diving Supv Training Section
1. IMCA Diving Supv Training Section
2. Air Diving
3. Anatomy and phsyology
4. Dynamic Positioning
5. Effects of pressure
6. Gas handling
7. Gas handling
8. Physics
9. Safety
10. Archimedes calculations
11. Air Diving Notes
11. Charles Law Calculations
12. Typical Dive Supv exam questions
13. Trainee Gas Supv typical exam questions
14. Trainee Gas Supv typical Muli Choice exam questions
15. Bail out bottle minimums (Sheet 1)
16. Bail out bottle minimums (Sheet 2)
17. Bail out bottle minimums (Sheet 3)
18. DSV Supv Exam Questions
19. Find the partial pressure of nitrogen in air at 50 msw
20. Air Diving Notes

IMCA Documents

IMCA LST Training Section
1. LST & Gas Supv exam questions
2. Mixing Using 2 Pure Gases
3. Typical LST exam questions

IMCA Publications Listing
This section links to the official IMCA Site

IMCA C008 - Skills survey results
IMCA C009 - The use of and requirements for simulators in training and operations
IMCA C010 - High voltage training: A syllabus for training offshore workers involved with high voltage equipment
IMCA C011 - Outline syllabus for training of personnel in supervisory positions
IMCA C013 - First aid and other emergency drills. These drills were prepared for IMCA, under the direction of its Competence & Training Committee, by Abermed Ltd.
IMCA C014 - Guidance on the use of simulators
IMCA C016 - Guidance on verifier training
IMCA D001 - Dive technician competence and training
IMCA D002 - Battery packs in pressure housings
IMCA D003 - Rev Guidelines for oxy-arc cutting
IMCA D004 - The initial and periodic examination, testing and certification of hyperbaric evacuation launch systems

IMCA Safety Flashes
IMCA Safety Flashes

Inspection 'How to do it'
1. Calibrate Calomal Cells
2. 'A' Scan Set Up

Inspection Data Gathering Systems
Electronic data gathering system manuals
1. Xpans
2. Coabis
3. Visualworks
4. AIMS (NetLink)

Inspection Procedures
Manuals and documents covering differing inspection procedures etc
1.ACFM - Amigo & Assist Family Software

Inspection Section
Inspection Manuals, Questions, Hints and Help Topics
1. Simple Inspection Guide
2. Inspection Log
3. Example Inspection Datasheets
4. NDT UT Basic principles
5. Technical Abbrevations
6. List and pictures of marine growth found offshore

Kirby Morgan Products
Kirby Morgan Product Manuals -

Laws of Physics
Laws of diving physics
1a. Archimedes Principle (NHC)
1b. Archimedes Principle
1c. Archimedes Calculations
2. Boyle's Law (NHC)
3a. Charles Law (NHC)
3b. Charles Law Calculations
4. Dalton's Law (NHC)
5. Henry's Law (NHC)

Marine related manuals and documents
1. Balmoral Marine Handbook

NDT Equipment
Instruction manuals for Inspection Equipment
1.CP - Buckleys Bathycorrometer Instruction Manual
2. Wall Thickness - Cygnus Operation Manual
3. OIS MPI - User Instructions for the OIS Mk II Underwater Magnetic Partical Unit
4. Data Video Systems - This the DataVideo Instruction Manual

Offshore Handbooks and Manuals
1. Smit Offshore Hand Book

Pipeline Section
Pipeline equipment
1. Plidco Split Sleeve Installation Instructions

RGB Subsea Equipment
1. ENS Nutsplitter Instruction Manual Edition 1
2. Hydraulic Nut Splitter
3. RBG Subsea C10 Split Nut Project Brief V5

ROV - Related
Documents that relate to ROV's or equipment they carry

ROV Related Documents
Rov related documents and manuals
1. ROV Mountable Cygnus System
2. Hydroscope FMD

Seamanship Documents
This section cover most of the topics within seamanship. This includes;
1. Celestial Navigation
2. Navigational Formulas
3. Sextant Course
4. Navigation Rules - Inland
5. Splicing

UK Offshore Maps
Contained within this section are then North Sea oil and gas block and operators
1. All the UK blocks and operators 2Mb in size

US Navy & Army Manuals
1. US Navy Diving Manual
2. Army Engineer Diving Book
3. US Navy Underwater Cutting & Welding manual
4. US Military Sealift Command Manual
5. Aerographer's Mate, Basic Meteorology
Weather related documents
1. Dashew Mariners Weather Manual
2. Mariners guide for North Atlantic Hurricanes
3. NOAA Weatherfax User Guide
4. SW Pacific Weather - Whalesong's Article
5. Weather Analysis in IAC Fleet Code - Whalesong